Roof System Features:
  • Our sunroom roof panels are 3" wide, unlike some of our competitors' 4" sunroom roof panels.
  • A smaller width, along with using more I-beams, provides you with a stronger sunroom or patio roof.
  • Our Patio Roof System panels have been tested in accordance with model building code requirements.
  • Patio Roof System panels are available in white or sandstone finish.
  • Structural I-Beam provides a thermal barrier to reduce the transfer of heat or cold from the outside of the roof to the inside of the panel.
3" Wide Roof Panels
Our Standard 3" Roof

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Would you park a two and one half ton vehicle on your roof?We did!

We did!

Patio Roof System and Wood Roofs

Featuring Patio Enclosures ENERGY STAR® qualified Patio Roof System panels with Patented Roof Header System.

The Patio Enclosures roof system is a standard feature for every sunroom providing you with the most energy efficient roof system in the industry.
All glass roof panels are build-in part of the roof, giving you a maximum flexibility in placing them for optimal lighting and view.
The most energy efficient roof system in the industry!

Our patented patio roof and sunroom roof header system for our Super Insulated Roofs are engineered to carry the heaviest roof loads. This exclusive header assembly is adjustable and constructed for maximum strength.

The most popular Patio Roof System is our three inch thick super insulated sunroom panels. Manufactured with extra-dense one piece polystyrene and sandwiched in aluminum alloy skins and locked together with the added strength of structural I-beams.

We also offer a Six-inch thick Super Insulated Roof panels for maximum strength. For strength and the most Energy Efficient factor close to R-30, you may wish to consider our 6" Patio Roof System panels designed for use with either AllView Sunrooms or ComfortView Sunrooms . Our 6" Patio Roof System panels provide maximum structural integrity and allow you to construct a larger room with a clear, unobstructed span.

Our patented Comfort-Gard™ Plus glass roof panel system allows you to arrange 3' x 3' glass roof panels to control the amount of light entering your sunroom. Proper placement of your glass roof panels helps brighten your sunroom and adjoining rooms of your home. Sheerweave® glass roof solar shades are included with all Comfort-Gard™ Plus glass roof panel systems.

Custom Sunroom Wood Roofs are available from Patio Enclosures, Inc.

The natural beauty of wood can be yours as a custom design patio roof/sunroom roof alternative. We can build our custom patio wood roofs and sunroom wood roofs in any style that accent your home. Patio wood roofs and sunroom wood roofs create a unique look, adding warmth to your new living area.