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The Process

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • HOA paperwork/drawings if needed
  • Take Final Measurements
  • Obtain Building Permit
  • Order Materials
  • Manufacturing and Delivery
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation with Inspections
  • Enjoy your new Patio Enclosures of Raleigh product!
  1. Schedule an Appointment
    Once you have decided you are interested in a Patio Enclosures of Raleigh product, it is time to schedule an appointment. Our educated design consultants will share with you their expertise in sunrooms. The representative will discuss different options along with showing you samples and photos. As they listen to your specific needs, they will personalize a plan to fit your home, lifestyle and budget. Before the representative leaves he will answer all questions along with giving and exact price. Once everyone has agreed it is time to proceed with the project.
  2. HOA paperwork/drawings for approval,
    if needed
  3. Take Final Measurements
    A representative will come to your home (after a notification phone call) and take final measurements so we can order your custom Patio Enclosures product. If you are not home during the measure the representative will leave a door hanger to let you know they have measured the site.
  4. Obtain Building Permit
    Permits may (or may not) be needed before we begin construction of your new sunroom depending on the requirements within your community. If one is needed Patio Enclosures of Raleigh will obtain engineering and any other materials needed to retain building and electrical permits.
  5. Order Materials
  6. Manufacturing and Delivery
  7. Site Preparation
  8. Installation with Inspections
    Our installers are specialists. Since 1966, our experience has taught us the only way to ensure proper installation of your new sunroom is to have installers who are trained sunroom construction specialists. If there is a building and/or electrical permit, there will be anywhere from 5-8 inspections performed by the city or town. We will schedule these inspections and make you aware of which inspections require you to be home.
  9. Enjoy your new Patio Enclosures of Raleigh product!