CertainTeed Siding Features:
  • Rated #1 By Building Professionals - CertainTeed and Wolverine products combine to office the industry's most complete line.
  • Color and Style Leadership - Certainteed offers the widest array of colors in the industry and was the first to introduce unique, darker shades.
  • All CertainTeed vinyl siding products are covered with PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection and are certified through the Vinyl Siding's Institute's Certification Program.
  • The #1 Premium siding in the industry - Monogram offers more value added features than any other siding in both traditional and longer length panels and is the premium category volume leader.
  • 100 Years of Building Products Leadership- CertainTeed Vinyl and Polymer siding is manufactured by one of the nation's largest and most respected building products manufacturers


CertainTeed has been leading the way for over 100 years and is a perfect partner with PEI. CertainTeed Vinyl Siding is #1 in brand familiarity and all categories surveyed for insulated siding.

Today, that spirit of innovation comes to life in the CertainTeed Siding collection-an exceptional selection of siding products offering the industry's broadest choice of options.
With superior beauty, quality and durability, CertainTeed siding is the perfect compliment to products that transform outdoor areas into open-air living spaces.
When it comes to possibilities, the sky's the limit!

CertainTeed offers an industry leading spectrum of colors ranging from deep rich shades and semi-transparent stained blend colors to the fresh Watercolors®.

With the CertainTeed Living Spaces collection, exterior walls become the starting point for open air rooms. A beautifully fenced yard becomes a play room. Arbors and trellis walls define a garden room. A porch doubles as an alfresco dining room.

CertainTeed is first in Performance. CertainTeed siding was the first designed to perform under high wind conditions through proprietary Rigidform™ technology. CertainTeed was also the first to produce siding untilizing a direct transfer system from real cedar boards for natural TrueTexture™ finishes.

Patio Enclosures is elated to offer CertainTeed siding. For more than 100 years, homeowners have trusted CertainTeed for the highest quality building products and continually setting the standards for exciting innovations in style and performance and so do we.